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Mr. Ocaka Bosco-Kitgum District

Mr. Ocaka Bosco is a trained change agent by Uganda Change Agent Association. He is from Kitgum District. He is married and has a happy family. Since Bosco received the change agent training in 2009, he says his attitude changed and started focusing on development, volunteering, and providing support to the disadvantaged group of people.

He mobilizeda main group of people and divided it into different categories of groups including mothers, youth and orphaned children of whom some were former abductees as a result of Lord Resistance Army (LRA) war. The group is called LubangaLapitKic. Bosco leads the groups and performs different activities including counseling them, training them in savings and credit management, HIV and aids awareness creation, and among others formed up music and dramawith the purpose to ease dissemination of information and easy understanding

Bosco emphasizes that development is meant for all, and thus believes that all the disadvantaged should be uplifted such that they are able to live an improved quality of life. Among the groups he trains, The LubangaLapitKic Women group have been inspired from the trainings and some of them have joined tailoring schools to acquire the skills for a living.

The women group also mobilizes young orphans and train them in Music Dance and Drama carrying important message regarding HIV and aids awareness, savings and credit management and about self reliance and participatory development. These children are always guided and hired on functions to present to the communities and are paid some money, of which they use to buy scholastic materials and other important basics that they need. Counseling has played a big role in that the former abductees have regained a peace of mind and feel loved and cared for within their communities.

OcakaBosco has always led his group to present at important public functions including Hero’s day, weddings, Women’s day plus other important days. He has gone ahead to present the group to big government officials including the Residential District Commisioner (RDC), Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), District Police Commander (DPC), Town Mayor and the LC5 Chairperson of Kitgum District, and on that note, the group has been exposed and trusted by the community. They are able to access loans and donations from outside the group.


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