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Executive Director’s Message

Dear Viewers,

I’m pleased to welcome you to Uganda Change Agent Association (UCAA) website. We are proud to be one of the numerous non-governmental organisations operating in Uganda today, especially with respect to positively transforming the lives of rural community members in Uganda so that they can live in harmony with dignity.

Through its Conscientisation process, UCAA empowers the grassroots community to spark themselves into looking inwards to own their grapple realistically and attempt to find solutions to the problems through the process of conscious awareness, reflection-analysis and provision of effective remedies.

UCAA believes that it is only ‘conscientised’ men and women who are the solution to the root causes of poverty and who can successfully fight corruption, demand good leadership and accountability and guarantee peace, stability and positive development.

We work towards improving people’s standards of living, with their own initiatives to sustain development. Self-reliance and participatory development is our focus.
I would like to thank you for your time to open and check our information.

Your comments are welcome in case there is any through the contact us link. 


Uganda Change Agent Association

Plot 30 Rashid Khamis Road. P.O. Box 2922, K'la, UG.

by phone: (256) 41 4236907

or fill in the form on our contact page

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