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Aliga Sebastian

Aliga Sebastian is a change Agent of Ayivu branch in Arua District who underwent his Change Agent Training (CAT) course in 1998 and Training of Trainers (TOT) course in 2007.

Aliga, a catechist of Adalafu Catholic Parish and, one of the oldest change Agents in the West Nile region aged 82 has contributed greatly to the work of Uganda Change Agent Association and he is working with 5 Self Help Groups whose main activities range from petty business, produce buying and savings/Credit schemes.  Majority of the members of these groups are women who are members of his Christian Community plus some members from Moslem community too. 

Aliga Sebastian is one of the courageous Change Agents who has always stood firm to uphold UCAA programmes in West Nile region through thick and thin and, he paid the membership fees of his fellow branch members of Ayivu branch for five years so as to ensure that the branch is re- registered with UCAA.

 He has been instrumental in advocating for UCAA on Radio Pacis, a local FM station on programmes concerning community income generating activities, emphasising on how UCAA helps the rural poor to establish savings, and credit scheme as an alternative for grass root groups to acquire loans instead of Micro Finance Institutions who charge exorbitant interest rates.

Those who visit Aliga at his home will testify that he rarely has time with his family, since he is taken up mostly by Community work which sometimes makes him foot for several kilometres and for that reason, he is known  by the names “Change Agent” in Arua Town. Aliga won awards of merit over the years for the hard work towards contribution to UCAA objectives.

May God bless the work of his hands!


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