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Rwoth Lakica Group In Unyama Sub County- Gulu District.

UCAA made field visits in Gulu District, basically Unyama Sub County and here we share a story of one of the groups that was visited. The group was visited in July. It is called RwotLarika Group. They began saving on 27th Feb 2014 with 30 members and are still 30, 29 female and 01 male. The group is running their second cycle.

The group normally hold their meeting on Wednesdays at 2:00pm. They sit at a members home who is crippled and cannot manage moving a long distance to attend meetings. Members accepted to include the husband of this member in order to give her support where she cannot make it.

Members shared their success stories so far and how they have benefited from the group since the first cycle. Most of the members have been able to take loans and start up some projects as shall be shown below


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