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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

These are people from different regions in Uganda  that join UCAA by paying memebership and undergoing specific training. After being awarded certificates of completion from the courses they are taught, they then go back into their home areas to ensure they re-train others. for more information, Read More ...

The major activities of UCAA are Human Resource development for Rural Development Workers and Community Leaders (Local Councillors and leaders of development groups) through Change Agent Training which provides them with communication and facilitation skills, analytical skills (poverty analysis, gender issues, development theory, child advocacy, feasibility and viability analysis), leadership skills, group fund management and bookkeeping skills.

The Change Agent Training has its foundation in personal (human) development processes (conscientisation).



A cadre of rural men and women with ability to increase the promotion of group decision-making, self-reliance, genuine participation, accountability, transparency, gender awareness, personal savings and credit.


The Uganda Change Agent Association Village Change Agent Training (VCAT) is designed to reach rural men and women who are leaders or potential leaders in their communities, but who are unable to attend residential workshops.


VCAT is ideal for leaders of self-help groups and community-based organisations as well as Local Council Executive Members at all levels


VCAT is designed for 28 days of training structured in 14 two-day non-residential workshops that can be held at village, parish or sub-county level. However, VCAT can also be delivered in 3 residential workshops structured in two 2-week workshops and one 1-week residential workshop; separated by two two-week periods of fieldwork.


VCAT can be facilitated with the help of the UCAA VCAT Package by UCAA trained Change Agent.


Cash book accounting, Communication, Facilitation, Poverty Analysis, Development Theory, Gender Issues, Conscientisation and the VCA, Working with groups, Group Funds  Savings and Credit, and Income Generating Activities


Highly participatory and self-reliant.  Learning is through discussion, discovery and practice.  There are no lectures.

Other Questions

Guiding Principles: UCAA is a non-sectarian, non-religious and non-political association that does not discriminate in its membership on the basis of gender, ethinicity, religion or political differences.

UCAA believes very strongly in the principles of accountability and transparency, self-reliance, and genuine participation.

Through membership subscription, donations, grants, and gifts from local and international sources.
Interest and profits accruing from of property and investment of the association.
Borrowing from financial institutions and any other means of foundraising or sources approved by the UCAA's national delegate assembly.


Full membership is reserved for only those who have undergone an 8-week Change Agent Training Course recognised by UCAA.
Other individuals and organisations supportive of the Association's vision are welcome to join as Working Partners. They enjoy all the benefits of a full member except voting rights in national elections.


UCAA members are organised into 233 branches located all over Uganda. Branches are formed according to the geographical location of Change Agents and the minimum number of Change Agents to form a branch is five.


As of 2015 we have over 4,000 rural men and women who have been trained as change agents.

UCAA has trained these change agents in communication and facilitation, poverty analysis, gender issues, development theory, conscientisation and the work of a Change Agent, working with groups, group funds and income generation, double-entry bookkeeping, feasibility and viability analysis.

Uganda Change Agent Association

Plot 30 Rashid Khamis Road. P.O. Box 2922, K'la, UG.

by phone: (256) 41 4236907

or fill in the form on our contact page

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