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Aleper Peter - Napak District

Aleper Peter of UCAA Bokora East Branch (Napak district)

This is one of the interviews we had with a change Agent far off in the North Eastern District of Moroto. It is reported verbatim.

“I was trained in 1991 at Nakaloke, but before the training, I was not able to manage my family because I used not to share my income with them. Even then, the small income I used to get was only for drinking alcohol.

At that time, I was so poor that I could not educate my children and I had a very small house as shelter for the entire family.
But after the Change Agent Training, I changed my attitude to start sharing the little income I could get. Fortunately, I got a job with Lutheran World Federation from 1991-1998. During that time the Change Agent Training had taught me on savings and investment. Indeed I saved some money from my employment that I later invested in buying and selling produce, and in brewing local beer.

This helped me put up an extension Building which is now accommodating my family comfortably. I have been able to take my children to school (Two are in University and four in secondary school). It has also helped me meet medical expenses, clothing, cooking utensils, and feed my family fairly well. I also took one of my sons to a driving school and he is now a driver!

Currently, I am the Chairperson LC1 of Lopida B cell Napak District- Kangole Town, and I was elected unopposed. I’m always consulted on how to go about with leadership and solving problems among the community.

 Apart from this individual benefit, I am also working with six groups with about 150 members that are doing village savings and credit. They lend money to members at 10% interest per month. The members of these groups have been able to save and borrow money which they invest in viable Income generating activities which have enabled them to meet their basic needs such as meeting medical bills, taking their children to school, have proper diet and clothing. One thing that should be noted is that these groups at the end of the cycle share dividends and also withdraw their saving to invest on the activities that they feel can profit them. This is also a time of celebration of their success.

I therefore thank Uganda Change Agent Association for having trained me or else I would still be in darkness. Long Live Uganda Change Agent Association”!


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