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Akol Ketty - Amuria District

Interacting with a Change Agent from the Eastern District of Amuria, Teso Sub region revealed interesting stories about her experience with Change Agent Training. Please meet Akol Ketty who has this to say:

“I was trained in 2001 at Were Youth Centre in Katakwi. I was just a house wife, educated but jobless and not able to meet my personal basic needs since I depended on my husband. I found life hard and difficult since all the time I was begging my husband to provide me with all necessary needs. Although my husband was good and he could always provide, there was something lacking and I was finding life a little hard.

When I got trained, I gained consciousness in my mind and I began thinking differently. I initiated projects for my family. I started making few bricks with the little money I was lent by the kick start arm in Church of Uganda Development organization.
The bricks were sold to Odite Primary school. This made me begin other projects personally and I could not do this alone. I introduced the idea to other members who welcomed it and we organized ourselves in a group.

I continued with my personal projects till the time of the LRA Incursion in Teso which also disorganized my projects and I was taken back to zero level. But with the knowledge that I had, I never let it go without being utilized. After the insecurity, I was fortunate to get employed with concern worldwide for three years. This made life easy. I worked as a volunteer in areas of HIV/AIDS and hygiene and sanitation in Kapelebyong camp.

We settled back to our home I started again my projects which earned me a good living to date and it has enabled me to take my children to good boarding schools (Madera girls P/S and Ngora High School) and am sure I will continue paying my children’s fees.

In 2011 elections I stood for LCV councillor for Kapelebyong – Obalanga Sub County and God enabled me to go through. I have been a councillor and a member of Finance Committee, Trained Change Agent, a member of Great North Women Voices for peace and a Treasurer of Teso Widows Initiative for development.


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