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Wanyaera John Patrick - Mbale District

With much pleasure, Wanyaera John Patrick of Bubulo County, Mbale district is happy to be a change agent because of the Change Agent training and the methodology that was given by UCAA; I have done a lot especially with regard to Self Reliant Participatory development. As soon as I finished the training, I started a piggery Project, in which I am earning a living.

It was a very humble beginning but now I supply most of the pork joints in Bubulo with pigs!  Besides, I also trade in piglets because I cannot keep all of them. One female pig (sow), gives me 12 piglets per season which I sell at 50,000/= Uganda shillings per piglet. Therefore 12x 50,000/= gives me 600,000/=. So if I multiply it 3 times in a year it gives me 1,800,000/=.

This helps me pay school fees for my children in higher education level. The market for this project is available. Thank you UCAA for equipping me with the knowledge of self-reliance it has made me who Iam.


Uganda Change Agent Association

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