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UWEZO Annual Activity Report-2013

UWEZO is a citizen-driven initiative to improve the learning outcomes of our children in literacy and numeracy in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. . In Uganda it is fully accredited by Ministry of education and sports and operates through district partner organizations in 80 Districts.

It operates in 30 Villages in each of the selected districts.Uganda change Agent association is an NGO in Uganda Operating National wide to improve the capacity of rural Men and Women in the Social-Economic and political development. It was selected by Uwezo Uganda as the district partner institution for Kasese since 2011.This is its third year it is implementing Uwezo initiatives in Kasese district

UWEZO uses a collaborative approach to involve government, NGOs, CBOs and individuals. This approach has the following key components

  1. A large household based survey covering all districts in the country.
  2. The use of very simple tools to assess literacy and numeracy that can be easily administered
  3. Inspiring a citizen volunteer driven approach to conduct the assessment over a few days
  4. Instant feedback of the assessment results to parents or guardians, children and local leaders
  5. Broad communication across the country through the media and other means to create debate.
  6. Facilitating thoughtful learning and monitoring throughout and lessons learnt fed back into subsequent years preparations, and
  7. Repeating survey each year to create and sustain momentum for change

The Pre –Assessment activities were implemented by the district contact person and they included,

Mobilization of the EAs
Chairperson LC ones of the 30 Enumeration areas were informed of the Uwezo assessment of 2013.The Office of the CAO and the DEO was approached and informed of the Exercise. CAOs office provided to the DCP an introductory letter which supported the exercise

House hold listing and sampling processes
30 house hold lists were recorded and typed by Uganda Change Agent staff. The Sampling was done by the DCP following the sampling method that had been recommended by Uganda bureau of statistics. 30 sampled house hold lists including 5 reserve households were produced that were later on used during the assessment.

Volunteer Selection
Volunteers were selected using the following methods <0l>

  • Retaining former volunteers who had performed well and their EAs having been retained on the list of district EAs to be Assessed in 2013.
  • Call for Volunteers were displayed in those EAs in which Uganda Change agent association sought replacement and or the newly added EAs
  • Delivery of training/assessment/communication materials to the districts The only materials delivered to the District , CAOs office in Particular were letter from the Ministry ,letter from Uganda National NGO Forum and that from Uganda Change Agent requesting the CAO for an introductory letter. Previous Uwezo report and other communication materials were not delivered because had not been provided by UWEZO during Mobilization

    Download the full UWEZO Annual Activity Report-2013


    Uganda Change Agent Association

    Plot 30 Rashid Khamis Road. P.O. Box 2922, K'la, UG.

    by phone: (256) 41 4236907

    or fill in the form on our contact page

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