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FCA Bi-Annual Activity Reports 2014


Northern Uganda experienced over two decades of armed conflict between the State of the Republic of Uganda and several dissident armed groups. This conflict resulted in diverse grave livelihood gaps and challenges. Despite several initiatives by Government of Uganda to mitigate the effects of armed conflict, there were still livelihood gaps manifested in form of low food and nutrition security, low household incomes, increased vulnerability, dwindling well-being, limited rights of access and stagnated or dwindling human dignity in post-conflict settings

Uganda Change Agent (UCAA) proposed this project aimed at improving livelihood of women in Unyama Sub-county Gulu District and Otwal Sub-County of Oyam District. The specific objectives of the project were: -

  1. To Improve the women’s capacity to save and invest in viable income generating activities by Dec 2016
  2. To Improve the Women’s capacity to take an active role in their communities by Dec 2016
  3. To improve women’s skills and knowledge to manage their businesses, professionally and profitably by Dec 2016

The primary focus group for the project was a total of 450 Women selected in parishes in Unyama Sub-County (Gulu District) and Otwal Sub-County (Oyam District. These target groups mostly comprised of poor grassroots women engaged in subsistence agricultural production. The target group comprised of small scale artisans petty traders as their main forms of occupation. Among the target group was a significant number of out-of-school youths that had attained Adult age but lacked gainful employment.

Download the full Bi-Annual Report 2014


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