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The Change Agent Methodology Made Wonders In Aman Tonny Kato's Life

Aman Tonny Kato is a senior Change Agent aged 64. He is from Atana Parish, Apach Sub County, Apach District in Northern Uganda. Tonny acquired the change agent training in 1996. Before the change agent training, Tonny used to be a drunkard, smoker, emotional, had poor insufficient working capital, had no permanent house, was doing poor peasantry farming, had limited life skills and knowledge, had no land on his own except the family land, had limited source of regular income, could not communicate well with the public and was not well exposed to the challenges of development.

Tonny is now a trainer of trainers in various areas including training the change agent methodology, Disaster Risk Reduction and Fundraising among others. He has trained a big number of people within his community and other areas peoples attitude has changed passively and they are able to take informed decisions and have acquired living an improved quality of life. Individually, Tonny has been able to invest in production ventures including house construction for rent, he practices farming as a business for example he keeps cross breed cows for milk. He produces cassava and soya on a large scale. Though Tonny gives a portion of his time to volunteer and provide free services regarding sharing knowledge and skills, he is sometimes hired and conducts trainings under contracts and he is paid. He facilitates in areas of business skills and also trains communities on how to operate a grinding mill for income. Tonny served as the LC111 Counselor for two terms thus is a good and competent leader.

“The change agent training was my turning point, I have since got other opportunities with other development organizations and the government because of the skills and knowledge they see in me. Action Aid Uganda Identified and trained me in Business Planning and developing and use of logical frameworks. Working with local government also exposed me to understand most government policies and how the government operates. I also worked with Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and this gave me more knowledge regarding food and nutrition” Tonny recounted.

Tonny has since then been trusted by the community. He has since been a member of UCAA and with his experience, he has been entrusted with a number of leadership positions. He was a manager of a SACCO in 2017, he has held the position of a chairperson for a number of groups and still holds some and he employs at least 10 workers in his farm thus enabling them gain income and skills and knowledge in Farming as A Business.


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