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ICCO Bi-Annual Activity Report 2015


ICCO and Kirk in Actie are supporting UCAA, KOPEIN, UJCC and TEWPA as theTeso-Karamoja cluster toimplement the Conflict transformation and democratization (CT&D) Project. The Year 2015 is the 3ndyear of the project implementation. This is a report on UCAA activities of Jan-June 2015 but includes the monitoring protocol for the whole project cycle. Activities actually done were Mobilization, Cluster Meetings, A training in resource Mobilization, 2 trainings on community safety and domestic Violence for the duty bearers in Katakwi and Napak districts, 2 trainings on VSLA for Katakwi and Napak, Monitoring of the project beneficiaries in thedistricts, Meetings in preparation for the Peace week, kick starting data collection in both districts on Domestic Violence.

Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA) The left photo below shows, all members witnessing to count and confirm the votes during VSLA training in Napak, while the right photo shows the five (5) elected leaders seated in front as per the sitting arrangement. During the period Jan-June 2015, UCAA conducted 2 VSLA trainings one in Napak and Another in Katakwi districts. Each training had 10 participants as follows: Napak training had 3 males and 7 females all drawn from Ngoloriet Sub County, while Katakwi had 6 females and 4 males from Usuk Sub County. The turn up was good, participants appreciated the course content and promised to utilize the knowledge gained to improve their livelihood.

Involvement of the local leaders and change agents
The local leaders and change Agents were trained in Community safety and Domestic Violence Act. The Chiefs, Councilors both for the District and those for Parishes, Local council chairpersons, group leaders and a few change Agents attended the training in Katakwi and Napak district as well.

Support to Academic Institutions
During the period UCAA had 4 Students on internship from institutions of higher learning whobenefited on the CT &D. They were AKOL TINAH from Makerere University Business School, EBONG PETER& Nabukera Martha from Kyambogo University and Kamusiime Eve of Makerere University. However, other 3 students all Male from Kyambogo University attached to Usuk Subwere also allowed into the UCAA orientation and induction of the Duty bearers in the Community Safety and Domestic Violence Act. The students were excited upon the new knowledge they had acquired on the project.

Download the full ICCO Bi-Annual Acitvity Report


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