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FCA Annual Two Activity Report-2015

Women's Bank Project Quarterly Monitoring Report 2015


Within this reporting period, the project area of operation experienced a long dry spell. Rains delayed but are expected in August 2015. Most women and households at large had planted crops before and because of rain delay, the gardens were not that doing well and affect our beneficiaries since they are peasant farmers. We believe that when rains come in August 2015, the situation will be favorable. During the period the dollar un expectedly rose high and resulted into ever increasing prices of some products leading into unfavorable business Climate.

Project Beneficiaries reported that all their school going age children remained in school during the quarter. Women are taking loans for investment and purchase of Assets, pay and complete school fees for their children in time. UCAA hopes that this will contribute to better learning opportunities which could lead to better academic performance in schools this year in Gulu and Oyam Districts.

Download the full FCA Annual Two Activity Report-2015


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