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Uganda Change Agent Transformed Sam's Life For A Strong Foundation.

Mugisha Sam is a male aged 58 from Western region of Uganda, Kamwenge district, Nyabbani sub county, Rwenkubebe parish. He was trained in Change Agent Methodology in 2002. Before Sam joined UCAA in 2002, he was a person of different shades of life in that he could not manage to plan and budget properly. He could get money and spend any how simply because he always expected a monthly pay and was not saving for the future. Sam was working with a local government as an accountant and was spending lavishly. When he joined UCAA and was trained as Change Agent, he realized that he was using his resources on non-issues and started saving and investing. He managed to buy his own land (25 acres) and constructed a permanent residential house, and invested in his land and planted over 3000 (three thousand) plants of Robusta coffee. He also bought some cows and started getting milk. He lived a luxurious life having been a government official and L.C.5 Counselor for 13 years and was looking at himself as a successful person but without a strong foundation Sam excitedly says; “I thank UCAA for transforming my life to present day.”

Sam received the following capacity building / trainings from UCAA as follows; he was trained as a fundraiser (Fort portal), a T.O.T in Mityana by UCAA, a regional Auditor (Namugongo), also trained in accountancy and management skills, lobbing and Advocacy skills,T.O.T in counseling and psychological skills as well as planning, budgeting and management skills. After being exposed as a Change Agent he also attained other skills and trainings which include: 2002 – 2004 Capacity building programme for local government counselor (5 modules) by Aiwa mama lia a trice (AMW), 2009 General orientation course for coaches training at Nelson Mandela stadium (Special Olympics Uganda). 2009 Certificate, Cooperate Governance and Ethical management by NIIK Development consultant, 2009 Certificate TOT peace building and conflict transformation, Makerere University MUK, 2003 Certificate TOT Basic and Advanced Alternative to violence, Kenya Certificate merit of Young Athletes training by Special Olympics, Africa. Sam has also been able to facilitate a number of CAT courses where by his capacity has increased. Sam is also glad to have facilitated three Change Agent courses (Kabarole, Kyenjojo and Kamwenge) on top of several VCATs which enabled him to gain more capacity. He also participated in Disaster Risk Management trainings.

Sam is totally transformed due to Change Agent trainings since he is now a respected person in his community and works as an opinion leader in his area and the entire western region. He now has stable assets and of recently has acquired more knowledge on commercial building and land (Kibays) with the Uganda Land Commission. He is now assured of protection and safety compared to the time when he was taking things for granted. Sam is now a respected person both at local and national level; he is always called to mediate conflicts in his communities and is currently a national treasurer of NUDIPU, national chairperson Uganda parents of people’s disabilities (UPPID), national resistance committee chairperson at parish, a delegate at national level and PWDs league.

Sam excitedly says; “all accomplishments and current responsibilities are respected attributed to the knowledge I got from UCAA.” Of recent, Sam was elected unopposed national treasurer, NUDEPU (2019-23) and attributes this to the skills he got from UCAA. He is also a national chairperson (UPPID) current and applies all management and leadership skills he got from UCAA. Sam now has a steady income and assets and is living a dignified life. He also commands respect in society and trust in all organizations he is working with. The skills Sam acquired enabled him to propel to this current level and at one time, he was nominated and participated in the constituent assembly elections and did well.


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