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Annual Report 2018

Word From our Board Chairperson

Over the years, UCAA has implemented crucial programmes and projects and all have been successful. Since 1992, UCAA has registered a greater impact to a big number of vulnerable women, children, youth, men and households within the communities we work with all over Uganda and this has contributed to the development of the country through improved live-lihoods.

UCAA is well known for its rich Self – Reliant Participatory Development (SRPD) methodology that never fades. The methodology has transformed lives of thousands of disadvantage people who had lost hope to successful citizens of the country. UCAA has trained over 4,000 Change Agents all Uganda and these have put into use the knowledge and skills of the methodology to also support their communities.Activities implemented intend to stimulate economic, social and political development.

Poor rural women and men are mobilised to work together in self-Help Development Groups and with time their social eco-nomic status has really improved. Most of the Change Agents were consciously awakened and liberated and have participated in the political leadership, where some have stood for Member of Parliament and won and are advocating for their people, while others have taken up other diff erent political positions and are trusted in their communities.

The year 2018 is as well added as a successful one. UCAA was able to implement the activities and were all completed as per the work plan and fi t within the Strategic plan. The SRPD methodology has been included in all the diff erent projects that have been implemented by UCAA and is always evaluated and still relevant in that it has caused positive impact and attitude change.UCAA continued to maintain its asset base and has utilised its assets in a frugal manner.

These assets in-clude both visible and invisible assets including full-time paid professional staff , Volunteer Change Agents and Development workers, buildings and land, vehicles, fi nancial resources, training and office equipment. The institution is formally registered by the National NGO’s Board in 1993 and incorporated by the registrar of companies as a non-profi t limited liability company under the company’s act.

I thank all our donors for the support they have provided, the government of Uganda for the cooperation and the team work from all the stakeholders that has enabled us to reach to the achievements for the period and request them to keep it up. UCAA shall continue to perform towards meeting its vision – An empowered and self – reliant society living in harmony with dignity, with support from all stakeholders. Rose Obigah,Chairperson UCAA Board of Directors.

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