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Annual Report 2011


UCAA has continued to enhance the capacity of rural men and women in Uganda and it is widely recognised by the communities, nationally and internationally for its contribution to the economic, social and political transformation of the people at the grassroots. I am therefore very delighted to share with you our Annual Report for 2011 which details the activities carried out by Uganda Change Agent Association (UCAA).

2011 was the third year of our five-year strategic plan that is titled "Capacity Enrichment for Economic, Political and Social Development" for the period 2009 to 2013. In general, the year 2011 was an exciting and a challenging year for us at Uganda Change Agent Association (UCAA). It was a year of financial hardship but after revisiting our plan, we managed to conduct most of our activities.

During the year, UCAA midterm evaluation of its five year strategic plan for 2009 to 2013 was carried out that was aimed at making us a more effective, responsive and development focused countrywide association. We are in the process of implementing the recommendations. We facilitated processes that are enabling poor rural men and women adopt the culture of saving, invest in viable income generating activities, mobilise social capital through active participation in self help development groups, participate in leadership and decision making processes in their communities, and improve their knowledge, attitudes and practices with regards to gender issues.

The membership continued to grow as more change Agents graduated and as more development partners appreciated the work of UCAA.

UCAA continued to maintain its asset base and to utilise its assets in a frugal manner. These assets included visible and invisible assets such as full-time paid professional staff, volunteer Change Agents and development workers, financial resources, buildings and land, vehicles, training and office equipment. UCAA funding partners continued to show confidence and trust in the work of UCAA through their generous financial support and moral encouragement to UCAA.

UCAA is also grateful to the relevant government departments and other development agents who are supportive of its work. UCAA faced challenges that had the potential of impacting negatively on its work, in form of high levels of illiteracy among Ugandans, inflation, political influence and corruption. However, UCAA is satisfied that its work and that of the Change Agents countrywide is impacting positively on the lives of thousands of rural men and women, their families, communities and our nation, Uganda.

Download the full Annual Report 2011

Christopher Byaruhanga
Chairperson, UCAA


Uganda Change Agent Association

Plot 30 Rashid Khamis Road. P.O. Box 2922, K'la, UG.

by phone: (256) 41 4236907

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